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Grévin Museum Started from Idea of ‘Creating 3D Figures of Front-page Figures’

Grévin Museum started from Arthur Meyer’s idea of presenting the figures appearing on the front-page of ‘Le Gaulois’,
the newspaper he was publishing three-dimensionally when the newspapers did not have many photographs.

Arthur Meyer, the editor chief of the daily newspaper, Le Galuois, joined with Alfred Grévin who was a caricaturist,
costume designer of the theater, and sculptor and Alfred Grévin pushed forward with this project passionately
as the general artistic director of the museum in charge of overall production processes.

As a result, Grévin Museum, named after Alfred Grévin, opened in Grands Boulevards area of Paris
on June 5, 1882, and was received quite enthusiastically.
In 1883, Gabriel Thomas, who operated the Eiffel Tower and a theater joined as an investor of Grévin Museum,
giving it a structure and contributing to its operation, and he also created a number of historical monuments
for Grévin Museum such as the Hall of Mirrors.

Over 130 years have passed from the foundation of the museum, but it continues to give the general public
a chance to meet the famous celebrities in person based on the spirit of these three founders.

Extraordinary experiences in a special space alongside the famous celebrities that everyone has imagined
and dreamed of seeing once in a lifetime constitute the special value of Grévin that
turns fantasy into reality for its visitors.

Grévin Museum, The History.

Grévin Museum has produced and exhibited over 2,000 wax figures from
the opening in Paris in 1882 until today and had approximately
60 million visitors since the first opening.

In the 2000’s, Grévin Museum underwent full-scale renovations with
a brand new look. It also opened the Grévin Academy to
select and review celebrities to exhibit.

Grévin Museum celebrated the 130th anniversary of its opening in 2012,
and the museum began to expand globally and opened a branch in Montreal in 2013,
in Prague in 2014, and in Seoul in 2015.