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[SHOP] Premium Honey: GGul.Gun.Dal 2017-09-20

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 “This honey tastes really healthy and sweet!”  

When spring comes, we become mesmerized by the scent of the spring flowers. 
This is the time of year we can enjoy fresh Gundal Honey, which flows steadily from blossoming flowers
all across the country, including Samgaksan Moutain in Seongbuk District,
Seoul; Cheorwon in Gangwon Province; and Goyang in Gyeonggi Province,
spreading good health and the spirit of Mother Nature to everyone.



Creator Won Kang-Hyo understand the nature of beekeeping products and 
provide new direction for beekeeping products as well as aesthetic perspective.
 He pursue simple design without affecting the nature of products.
“Beekeeping father who spent his youth with bees for long years and beekeeping son 
​who doesn’t want to betray the values that his father had protected.” Won Kang-Hyo, Industrial Designer.