Enjoy the remarkable party with world stars!
You can meet the celebrities who are icons of beauty and fashion as well as film actors
that enjoy global popularity, K-POP stars, masters of music, and even Hallyu stars.


Meet the actresses across time and border. This space was
set up on the theme of an actress’s powder room and you will find
wax figures of So Young Koh, the representative actress of Korea,
Audrey Hepburn, the heroine in the movie, ‘Roman Holiday’,
and Paris Hilton, one of the fashion icons of Hollywood.

view pointChoose your favorite celebrity and put your face on top
of the celebrity digitally!


This is the space for the world’s renowned fashion designers and fashionistas
and it exhibits the wax figures of Andre Kim who represented Korea as a fashion
designer, Tae Hee Kim, the representative fashionista and actress of Korea,
Naomi Campbell, the world’s top model, and Princess Diana who showed her
unique sense of fashion. Especially, this area also exhibits the dresses
that the designer Andre Kim personally designed and produced along with the
figures to add specialness to this fashionable space.

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You can meet the celebrities of the world also in the Hall of Fame
which is the main hall of Grévin Museum. The wax figures of Jae Seok Yu,
Korea’s national MC and a new addition to the museum in 2017,
K-POP leaders such as Psy, G-Dragon, and Rain, the king of pop
Michael Jackson, and the world class pianist, Lang Lang. Also,
you will find Angelina Jolie, one of Hollywood’s sexiest stars, and Meryl Streep,
the talented actress who won the Academy three times.

view pointPlace your hand on the hand prints of the celebrities at Grévin!


This section reproduced the environment and atmosphere of an actual recording studio.
The wax figures of the world-renowned musicians present the greatest moments
in the history of music to the fans of music. Meet the wax figures of Luciano Pavarotti,
the Italian operatic tenor and one of the world’s top three tenors, Sumi Jo, the world-class soprano,
and John Lennon, the member of the legendary pop band of England, The Beatles.

view pointChallenge the music quiz on the sound console of John Lennon and feel like a musician! GAME ZONE


This section reproduced the drama shooting studio with props,
Jimmy Jib cameras, and so on. You will find the wax figures of Hallyu stars
such as Soo Hyun Kim, Shin Hye Park, Min Ho Lee, Keunsuk Jang,
and Bin Hyun along with the lively sound effects that you might have heard in
actual drama shooting studios. This is the hottest section of the museum
among foreign visitors as well as domestic fans.

view pointDon’t miss yourself in the Hallyuwood screen!