Start the tour in a flood of flashes on the red carpet with Hallyu stars!
Meet the historical figures representing Korea, genii of the century,
and peace leaders beyond time and space.


This is the first section you would experience among
many theme spaces of Grévin Museum. The Hallyu stars are
waiting for you in the flood of flashes. You can meet “Yon-sama”
Yong Jun Bae and the top Hallyu star in the great China region
Dong Gun Jang and also take photographs with them freely.

view pointTake photographs beside other celebrities standing on the stage!


The “Into the Movies” section is considered as the best place to take
photographs with arranged postures with wax figures as the section is filled
with famous Hollywood celebrities and particularly as Jackie Chan and
Bruce Lee who represent Asia are taking a dynamic action posture as though
they came straight out of the movie. You can also meet great actors from the movie,
< God Father > and < Ocean’s 13 > and the heroes of memorable movies.

view pointChallenge the roulette game and see how much luck you have today! GAME ZONE


This section is filled with the great people representing Korea including King Sejong,
Admiral Sun Sin Yi, and Saimdang Shin. All costumes worn by these figures were
created by the world-renowned Korean costume designer, Young-hee Lee.
The size of the face and body as well as the costume and props were all ascertained
through historical research and the solo by gayageum (zither) master, Byung Gi Hwang,
is played as the theme music to convey the beauty of Korea and history.

view pointExamine the figures depicted on the currency from 100 won coin to 50,000 won bill!


From Leonardo da Vinci, the artist, scientist, engineer, city planner, and philosopher
representing the renaissance period to Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple who created
iPhone with innovative ideas and artistic senses, meet the wax figures of the genii
of the century who changed the world through science and innovation.

view pointYou could be a genius, too. Challenge yourself by solving difficult science and IT quizzes to see if you are a genius. GAME ZONE


Meet the great people of the world who worked for world peace.
This section exhibits wax figures of Pope Francis who visited Korea in 2014 and
conveyed the message of love and peace and the late Soo Hwan Stephano Kim,
the first Cardinal of Korea who made great contributions to the democratization
of South Korea. Other wax figures include the leaders of human rights movement
such as Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

view pointTake a photo of yourself trying to escape the prison through the bars behind Nelson Mandela!